01 Overview

1) Dragonfly is a servo controlled Oscillator with Active Inspiration & Active Expiratory phase.
2) The inspiration time could be set to 30% & 50% providing an I: E Ratio of 1:2 & 1:1.
3) The Bias flow in Dragonfly is servo controlled. It can deliver Bias flow 4 to 60 LMP.
The user need not adjust the flow is when the MAP is set. It’s automatic. The Bias flow is digitally displayed on the TFT screen.
4) The MAP on dragonfly is also Servo Controlled & the Range of MAP setting is 4 to 40cm H2o.
5) Amplitude can be set by using the soft touch key provider in the control Panel. The Range is 0 to 100%.
6) The Frequency can be set from 5 to 18 Hz by Virtue of feather touch key.
7) The Dragonfly comprises of a large TFT screen that indicates various Settings, Alarms, and Messages & Graphs. When the Help Key is activated, the TFT screen displays the entire user manual along with graphics on the screen.
8) It indicates graphical representation of (A) Pressure V/S Time (B) Flow V/S Time
9) The Dragonfly digitally indicates the delivered “Tidal Volume”.
10) It also indicates the value of DCo2 which helps the clinician to avoid Frequency ABG’S & CXR.
11) The set Map is automatically maintained by the servo mechanism, even if Amplitude, Frequent or Inspiration time is changed.
12) The Dragonfly comes along with an Inbuilt “Air Oxygen” Blender.

02 Details

Large TFT screen provided to indicate various settings, messages, alarms & graphs

Active Inspiratory & Active Expiratory phase

Inspiration Time settable to 33%, & 50%. Of duty cycle time, to achieve an I:E Ratio of either 1:2, or 1:1

Servo Controlled Bias Flow (0 to 60 LPM) along with digital display of flow

Servo Controlled MAP (4 to 40 cm H2O)

Pressure v/s Time & Flow v/s Time

Amplitude setting by means of feather touch keys (Range 0 to 100)

Frequency can be set from 5 to 18 Hz. by feather touch keys

Digital display of Dco2 provided, helps to non invasively monitor the pulmonary mechanics. This Helps in reducing the frequent ABG

Graph provided for

Digital display of tidal volume provided. Helps in setting the required Amplitude

03 Graphical Representation

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