Care Plus

01 Overview

An advanced Intensive Care warmer that Ensure Pin Point accuracy of the temp. The Height of the Baby Bed can be adjusted as per user requirements.

02 Details

  • A large Baby tray offers operational dexterity and enhances users efficacy.
  • Drop down acrylic side panels with unique hinging mechanism offers easy access to the baby from all the four sides.
  • Large 1″ Green LED Display to indicate set temp & actual temp in °C & °F.
  • Micro controller based servo Proportionate System.
  • 3 level safety system.
  • LED Bar graph to indicate heater output.
  • Feed alarm that activates after every 2 hours.
  • Audio visual Indications Provided for over temp, under temp, sensor fail, 2nd safety active, 3rd safety active.
  • From the design hive of “Shreeyash” yet another unique design of open care incubator. This unique design allows the clinician to access the new born from all four sides of the system which was not possible in any conventional system. Also it facilitates the user to easily accommodate life saving devices like Ventilator, Shreeyash HFOV, or a CPAP. This unique design of Care Plus saves your valuable floor space in the NICU. (max. width 31inches).

03 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications For Care Plus
Technical Details
Model : Care Plus.
Height : 1880 mm (74 Inches)
Width : 787 mm (31 Inches)
Baby Bed Size : 735 x 560 mm (29″ x 22″ )
Monitor Tray Size : 300 mm x 225 mm
Working level : 1000 mm from ground
Tilt : +/- 8 degrees
Side Supports : Acrylic Drop Down Type
Electrical Rating : 230 VAC +/- 10% 50 Hz
Observation Lamp : White Halogen (12 Volt, 24 Watts)
Heater Wattage : 600 Watts
Heater Type : Ceramic / Quartz crystal
Monitor Shelve : One detachable molded tray
Electronic : Micro Controller based servo Proportionate control
Controller with feather touch keys for temp. setting.
Display : Large One inches 4 Digit Green LED for indicating baby’s actual temp. & set temp. in 0C & 0F
Alarms : Over Temp., 2nd safety active, Sensor fail, 3rd Safety active, Feed time.
Best environment : 22 to 28 degrees for operation

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