Our Products


Dragonfly is the only "Servo Controlled High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator" that can treat babies weighing from 500 grams to 20 kg

Care Plus

An advanced Intensive Care warmer that Ensure Pin Point accuracy of the temp. The Height of the Baby Bed can be adjusted as per user requirements.

Bubble CPAP

Acquatherm is an innovative system manufactured by shreeyash for the first time in the medical history, which can deliver high flows of Air.

LED Photo Therapy

Photo therapy source comprises 4 Blue Tubes along with Micro Controller based Timer to keep track of total tube usage hours.

PC 900

"Shreeyash" PC900/903 is a Pressure Controlled. Time Cycled, Continuous Flow Respirator, intended for Neonatal & Pediatric use.

Jeevak Catalogue

Micro controller based Servo Proportionate Control, Ceramic Heater, Two modes of warming, Manual & Servo Mode.

First Care SD

Comprises Micro controller with 3 level safety system, Self diagnosis facility, Ceramic heater, One moulded instrument shelve


Special help key provided to infuse 2 different drugs mixed in the same Syringe. Automatic rate calculation done by the micro computer once the patients weight & drug volume is entered.

LED Double Surface Photo Therapy

LED Double Surface Photo therapy with movable Over Head Source Unit and Under Surface Photo Therapy Unit fixed to Trolley.

LED Photo therapy Source unit

Works on very low power, Over Head Source Unit comprises 3watt LED (9 No), with height adjustment facility

Servo Delux Incubator

Micro Processor controlled Unit Offering Servo Controlled Skin and Air temperatures. Separate display for Skin, Air and Heater Output.

Double Surface Photo Therapy

Economy Double Surface Photo Therapy comprises Overhead Source with height adjustment facility detachable Under surface..

Fluid Warming Cabinet

comprises forced air warming, durable ceramic heater, micro processor based temp indicator & controller, inbuilt lamp for illumination

Intensive Care Double Surface Photo Therapy

Comprises Over Head Photo Therapy Source, Separate multipurpose Jeevak Trolley, Detachable Under Surface Photo Therapy Source Box

Transport Incubator

Micro controller based Temp. Indicator, Controller alongwith PT-100 sensor & Air Sensor with smallest Elevator and battery etc..

Patinet Warming Blanket “QUINEN”

“Blankets This unique Patient Warming Blanket warms only the patient & not the Operation Theatre.