Dragonfly – The Only Servo Oscillator in the World

Dragonfly Servo Oscillator

              DRAGONFLY ” The Only Servo Oscillator in the world”

The “Shreeyash” Dragonfly Servo Oscillator comes to you with…
1. Electrical, Electronic & Pneumatic circuits.
2. Air and O2 Filters – 1 each.
3. Air/ O2 Blender- Integrated.
4. Humidifier with Proportional Control Integrated.
5. Patient Tubing and TestLung – 1 set.
6. Bellows with Oscillator.
7. 15″ TFT Monitor.
8. Fabricated unit on castors.
9. Pressure Sensor – 1 Nos.
10. Flow Sensor- 2 No.

Controls available on the shreeyash Dragonfly are…
1. FiO2.
2. MAP.
3. Amplitude.
4. Inspiration Time.
5. Bias Flow.
6. Frequency.
7. Temperature control of blended gasses.
8. Start/Stop.
9. Freeze.
10. Help.
11. Diagnosis (For Service Personnel use only)
12. Function Keys. (Spare for future up gradations. Not for user operation)

Alarms on the Dragonfly Servo Oscillator Console are…
1. High MAP ( > 4 cm H2O).
2. Low MAP ( > 4 cm H2O).
3. Power Fail.
4. Gas Supply Failure.
5. System Failed.

Safety Mechanisms incorporated in Dragonfly are:
1. Operates on very low pressure, hence absolutely safe.(working pressure 100 cm H2O = 1.5 psig).
2. Proximai sensing of airway pressure (200 times per second).
3. Automatic adjustment of bias flow once MAP is set.
4. Auto to adjustment of MAP in the case of frequency & or amplitude is changed.
5. Safety pop-off valve prior to MAP valve blows off if excess pressure is developed in the patient circuit.
6. The innovative design of MAP & bias flow valve that prevents excessive pressure build-up in the patient circuit.
7. Auto setting of high & low MAP valves and alarms.
8. Alarm provided for gas failure.
9. Entire system controlled by inbuilt various computer chips.
10.The special cooling system to avoid excessive heating of magnetic gas coils.
11.Audio / visual indications with auto cut off if humidifier gas temperature exceeds 39oc.
12.Mechanical stoppers provided for the magnet to avoid permanent contact with the electromagnetic coil.

The Dragonfly works on very low pressures.

Inlet connection of Air and oxygen is 60 PSI. This is further reduced to 100cm H2O (i.e 1.5 PSI) by a specially designed and highly reliable pressure regulators. Further this pressure is reduced to only 40 cm H2O another regulator system.This makes the system absolutely safe. A safety Pop – off valve is incorporated in the expiratory limb of patient circuit that blows of excess pressure if the pressure exceeds safety levels.The ‘High MAP’ and ‘Low MAP” is set automatically set once the desired MAP is set.
If the MAP exceeds by 4 cm H2O above the set MAP, the Oscillator stops automatically and warns the user.

This is calculated by the using the formula Pmax+ Pmin/2.This is indicated on the screen & it matches by with the value of MAP set by the user in + / – I Cm H2O .

Example: If the user has set the MAP at say 18 Cm H2O, then the Pmax will be approximately 30 (+/- I )Cm H2O & the Pmin will be 6 Cm H2O (+/- I ) during the Inspiratory & Expiratory phase time.Using the above formula the MAP that is achieved is 30 + 6 / 2 = 36 / 2 = 18 Cm H2O which matches the set MAP value. This is the actual MAP.

May 22, 2017 Servo Oscillator
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