Nature entrusts every new advent of life into the experienced hands of a Doctor, but sometimes even a Doctor needs help. “Whenever you find yourself in such a dilemma, you can entrust the child to the SHREEYASH Life Saving devices. The pioneered 3 level Safety system further enhances the years old efficacy of the “SHREEYASH life Saving devices. “ As a result, SHREEYASH life saving devices have been and are being used from rural to institutional levels with great trust and excellent result. Our closely knit associate network takes care of necessary post sale services to ensure continued good result and an unbroken association between you and SHREEYASH.

The fact that doctors from initially unrepresented areas have tried and later on preserved in the use of our machine advocates sincerity. Only SHREEYASH has been awarded the D.G.S & D, ISO 13485 & CE certification which no other contemporary manufacturer has achieved upto date. Not surprisingly SHREEYASH won ‘”The Udyog Ratna” & Vijayshree & “The Second Best Small Scale Industry” in Maharashtra State awards.

Needless to say “We surpete”(to surpass previous own best performance) to ensure technically sound and innovative products, which can complete any international brands.International brand Shreeyash is the only company in India who is regularly export the Neonate life saving devices to “South Africa, East Africa, Poland, Austria, Australia, Russia, Middle East Countries & other Asia Countries”. A special thanks to all our well wishers and associates who have made and will make this journey a long association between the noble profession and SHREEYASH.


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